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I thought you'd never ask

My name is Natasha. I love playing with words, crafting stories and having fun with puns. Life is too short to be bombarded with boring copies and mainstream captions. 


I believe that storytelling is the best marketing tool and I could go on and on,

but let me guess...

You're hooked already, aren't you?


Here are some of my past copy and creative concept.

Bachelor of Marketing and Media from Macquarie University. 

Worked as a journalist for Indomedia Australia for four years.

Working as Creative Director of Pino Bakehouse in Bandung.

Social Media content creator, mostly on instagram and tiktok.

Also proficient in design, illustration, photo and videography.

Job ads for Pino Bakehouse (Copy, Illustration and Design by me)

Job ads for Hook Production (Copy and Design by me)

Company Profile for Pino Bakehouse (Copy and Design by me)

page 2 : brand story of Pino Bakehouse

"You're a good advertiser" said a random person who bought the second-hand microwave I was selling.

Not only am I passionate in writing and storytelling, but I also have the knowledge and experience in marketing, design

and social media. I am on Instagram

and Tiktok every day, thus in tune

with what's trending here on the net!

My love for reading, traveling and having heart-to-heart talks enables me to empathise with people and communicate humanly. An is essential for brands in this digital age!

page 12 : CTA

More samples of my writings :

Captions for IG @pino.bakehouse (before May)

Content and Captions for IG @finding.kubi

Article on Indomedia : Tentang Penjajahan

SUA (mini magazine) a personal project with fam

or check out my blog in this website!!

I highlighted the microwave's function, using relatable uni student experiences of getting takeaway food and midnight cravings after studying. I also use keywords like "easy parking" as I know it's something seek.

Let's talk!

although I must warn you,

I am better in writing ;)

Final words, all writings start from ideation and creativity stems from research. Brew it, sip it, add sugar if needed. Revise revise revise, Ready to serve!

email :
wa : ‪+61 421 006 878‬

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