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Why Finding Kubi?

From "i sneeze too" to "finding kubi". Wha- how? why? who?

Both of those random-seeming name are the names I chose for my personal brand. My name is Natasha Ingelia but my artist/pen-name is Nelia Kubi. Confused yet? hahaha

Feel free to leave the page because more of my identity crises is about to show up ;)

I started my 'personal brand' back in junior highschool. The idea of having my own website (or blog, back then) is really intriguing for me. I write up things that I like or that defines me and came up with several names like a wanderful girl (which at one point was my blog name), sunflowers and bees (which I cannot use because apparently people has used that), something about chocolates etc.

The moment I was adult enough to decide (or at least I thought so), I claimed the name isneezetoo. Mainly because I sneeze a lot... but also because I think it has a great deeper meaning. I Sneeze Too says that I make mistakes, just like everyone does. I thought it was relevant and it resembles who I am.

But as the year passes by, I changes too. First of all, I fell in love with art and illustration. I still want to write, but illustration is what I want to do full time. I graduated from university and am looking forward to work with brands and maybe even publish my own brand in the future. Under the name of isneezetoo, I don't feel like I am growing much online. I am sure the name is not the sole reason, but I just think about how brands would feel writing let's say "Samsung x isneezetoo" Not only it has a negative connotation, come the pandemic it also triggers fear.

I feel out of touch with my own brand. It was who I am but I have grown. I could look back with a clearer sight and I know who I am better. I could see that I am still in the journey of finding myself.

I am a paradox, I always felt that way. I don't know if that's relevant or not, but that's not very important anymore. Although I am pretty sure I am not the only one. I am yellow and blue, an introvert who loves theatre, a sad girl with a hopeful eyes, a lost soul yet found. But mainly, I am growing. Like the green sprout that grows taller.

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